About Us

From its humble beginnings as the concept of a hardworking visionary and local entrepreneur, Alpha Fusion Eatery, the food trailer version of Alpha Dessert Juice CafĂ©, has gone through a metamorphosis from idea to plan to its “on wheel concept.”

Our vision is to have a place as dynamic and diverse as the city of Houston, to fuse the East with the West, and create the ultimate fusion of flavors. We wanted a menu that encompasses what makes Houston, Texas, the unique melting pot of cultures and people. To ensure that we successfully achieved this goal, we invested time researching and developing an “on wheels” concept.

It allowed us to analyze the flavors, ingredients, and appearance of our products to be sure that we were genuinely bringing you the best and creating products that best suited the taste palette of Houston. We have been meticulous in every detail and aspect of Alpha’s concept creation, and we hope it shows.

Alpha Fusion Eatery has been a labor of love and a dream come true for us, and we are so thankful to have you here with us to share in our journey.

We look forward to expanding our horizons and making our American Dream come true by expanding our concept across the US.