Frequently Asked Questions

Falooda originated centuries ago, in Persia. From there, It traveled to South Asia with Persian merchants and rulers who invaded the region. Falooda is both a dessert as well as a drink. It is a creamy, sweet with cold milk or a scoop of soft ice cream, rose water syrup, cold vermicelli noodles, water-softened basil seeds , pistachios and pineapples.

We are a Houston-based cafe specializing in Fusion desserts, Shakes,Juices, Snacks, savory foods and specially in Falooda!

Yes! when you place your order we make your drink right there, which is freshly squeeze, no artificial additives, no sugar added, we make fresh juices combinations too.

Smoothies are thick, creamy beverages usually blended from puréed fruits, juices, yogurt and milk, we have good variety of smoothies, some of our famous smoothies are: Candy delight, Mangonada, Cold coffee shake, Oreo cookies and cream.

Yes, our meals are made fresh using only the highest quality organic ingredients.

Traditional Indian spices area used to slowly marinate the meat, so that its loaded with flavor before being grilled and wrapped in a fluffy paratha with sliced onion and drizzled with our Alpha spicy tamarind sauce.

A blend of Orange, Apple, Beets, Ginger & Carrot Juices.

A blend of Orange, Apple, And Pineapple juices garnished with ginger.

A blend of Orange, Apple lemon & Ginger. This Perfect Blend helps to support your body natural defenses.

A blend of Orange, Strawberries, Kale Leaves, Carrots & Banana gives you a daily dose of sunshine in glass.

A blend of beets, Carrots, Celery and a piece of ginger. This perfect blend helps to support your body natural defenses.

A blend of Cucumber, Apples and a stalk of celery. This perfect blend helps to support your body’s natural defenses.

Our sweet shaved ice is a colorful blend of syrups creating a unique flavor tapped with sweetened condensed milk and a drizzle of even more flavored syrups, to bring you a treat that is far from ordinary.

Lassi is a traditional and popular sweet drink from the Indian subcontinent. It is made with a yogurt base and is blended to a smooth and creamy torture.

Spicy Lentil “puffs” are stuffed with flavor and fried until golden then paired with our Indian style potato Curry. Garnished with a pickled carrot, it’s a warm and flavorful combination you will love!